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Hanacka Vodka

Hanácká vodka is produced by Palírna U Zelenéhostromu, a
Prostejov distillery whose five-hundred-year history dates
back to 1518.
This trendy Czech party vodka is for everyone who wants to
live life to the fullest, cast their worries aside, and just have fun.



• Smooth molasses spirit
• Crystal-clear prostejov spring water
• An inimitable, ilightly alkaline character
• No additives
• Traditional production processess
• Modern design



Hanácká was the first brand Vodka of the region. The brand’s roots go all the way back to the 50’s. This clearly leaves its mark on the traditional exterior, which reminds us of other brands that also have their roots in the 50’s. Now you can like that or dislike it. For us, the approach is a little too classic.

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Czech Legend

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Czech Single Barrle

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Knut Hansen Dry Zin

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Stara Myslivecka

Asset 22_2x.png

Hanacka Vodka

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Adira Metlot Wine

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